Looking Back At March/Forward to April

Today is March 31st (a date which does in fact exist) and thus today marks the end of my month-long blogging endeavor.

Over the course of March 2016, I wrote 20 blog posts (including this one). This was somewhat significantly below the target goal of a post everyday. Some days I skipped for reasons that I could rationalize to myself (I spent the whole day with friends or was driving for many hours) and several days I skipped for other reasons (I didn’t plan well or just…didn’t.). But hey, I’ll take those 20 posts since I sure didn’t have them before!

My intention setting out was to flex creative muscles, get in the habit of writing meaningfully on a regular basis, and have some structure in my day that would motivate me to get other things done as well. I do feel like I’m thinking more critically and creatively about the media I consume  and I think more about how Internet writing works and what factors affect it. I definitely was able to write on a more regular basis; the WordPress stats page is surprisingly motivating for me (much more so than the notebook I carry around with me but never open). And there were some days where I was able to procrastinate writing a blog post and writing cover letters off of each other, or where writing one seamlessly flowed into writing another. Different weeks have been better and worse in that regard.

The jobs I’m applying for and the things I think about all day do not overlap very much. I’m glad to be developing an outlet about these ~new media~ interests, an outlet seems more productive and meaningful than me trying to explain to my dad who Ellen Page is. I want to continue this process to create some balance in my life  and remind myself that these other interests have worth, especially if I end up working in insurance or finance.

I want to set new goals for April. I realize that there is a tradition on Youtube of VEDA, or vlog every day in April, but I guess I just did the blogging equivalent a month early. For April I want to make sure that I write a post three times a week. I think that will give me a little more flexibility and if I’m feeling particularly verbose I can feel free to post more. I still have a lot of free time so it will be good to keep producing in some way.

Thanks for reading! Keep following to see where April takes me!


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